The world can be a difficult place at times with hardship brought about through limited opportunities, financial pressures and personal tragedy ā€“ though there is much to be thankful for: a bright sunny day (maybe less often in Newcastle than some other places!), a warm latte in a coffee shop, a hug from a friend. However, whilst these islands of happiness bring joy throughout our day, the aim of community should be the long-term improvement of people’s lives. The social interaction of a bingo night or the fresh air and exercise of the football field have been shown to improve people’s well-being.

The Enviresearch Foundation is built by people who understand the importance of community, the support of family and how we can all work together to benefit the world and each other. This philosophy starts at home, supporting community initiatives in the local Tyne and Wear area. There is a lot of good work being done by a whole host of organisations and groups to better the local area and so the focus of the Enviresearch Foundation is to provide funding and support to those local groups addressing the following issues:

  • Supporting science education
  • Raising environmental awareness
  • Promoting the enjoyment of the outdoors

We are supported in achieving this goal by the Community Foundation.