Foundation Supports After-School Science Clubs in the North East.

The Enviresearch Foundation recently supported a number of local schools to arrange after-school science clubs, so that the children could further explore science with a little added fun!

One of the local schools involved, Battle Hill Primary School, provided us with an update, and some great feedback on their after-school science club:

43 Children and 6 staff attended a Forensic Science master class at the life Science Centre in Newcastle where they took part in a realistic crime scene, as part of which they:
Investigated shoeprints, used magnifiers to study finger prints, used microscopes to study fibres and chromatography to investigate ink.

The Children were encouraged to gather and record data and by using all of the skills above to find out who committed the murder.

Following their inspirational Forensic Science Workshop at the Life Science Centre, our Y6 children engaged in a hands-on Outreach full day workshop to explore what DNA is and how it is inherited. This was an amazing practical activity, extracting DNA from kiwi fruit, which revealed the DNA at the heart of all living things.

As our Y6 children make their transition to High School it’s important that they recognise the impact STEM lessons can have upon their future careers. Being able to bring this session into school, not only increased their enjoyment, it fully engaged them in STEM subjects, an awareness of the relevance of science in the wider world and how many opportunities a career in STEM has to offer. During the session, careers such as; microbiology, biochemistry as well as jobs including, technicians or research assistants were discussed. Furthermore, the funding gave the children the opportunity to explore STEM careers by working alongside professionals, who were once in their position, therefore making STEM relevant!

At the end of the session, all of the children were enthused in STEM, had a greater understanding of DNA and how it is inherited, developed excellent scientific thinking skills and gained a deeper knowledge and understanding of a future with a career in STEM.

‘Being able to offer this opportunity to our Y6 children, at no expense to their families, was fantastic! The children gained so much knowledge and understanding around the intriguing career of Forensic Science. I’m sure we were able to raise aspirations and encourage our children to consider a wider world of opportunities with STEM. This workshop also provided the children with opportunities to be ‘hands on’. Practical work is so important, as it helps them to apply their knowledge whilst having fun! This whole experience was exactly what we all hoped it would be…enjoyable, creative and enlightening!”

(Karen Straughan Science Lead)

“I loved it! I didn’t know being a scientist could be so much fun!” (Max)

“I was a little bit scared at first, but it was really interesting and I didn’t know girls could do that job.” (Ebony)

“It was great! I might think about a career in science now!” (Alex)

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