The Enviresearch Foundation Travel Award

The Enviresearch Foundation Travel Award went live last month and several promising applications have already been received.
The Enviresearch Foundation will be providing £10,000 to sponsor the travel plans of researchers with Newcastle University’s Institute for Sustainability who wish to visit research groups or carry out fieldwork in Europe.  The award is an exciting opportunity for Early Career Researchers and PhD students in the field of practical applications of research into the environmentally safe use of chemicals in sustainable agriculture. The duration of the trip is not defined but is anticipated to be approximately 1 month.
The deadline for submissions is the 23rd of February 2015 with the date of the panel meeting for the assessment of applicants set for the 10th of March 2015. The award will then be allocated within the month.
“The more that our young researchers and students can learn from their peers across Europe, the faster we’ll find solutions to the sustainable food-production issues our planet faces,” said Dr Garratt.
Contact for queries about the award or check out the Newcastle University, Institute for Sustainability website

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